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Tips for Choosing Wedding Cakes in Charleston SC – Catch Your Cake Before It Falls

by Date February 28,2015

Besides the brides as the center of weddings, cakes own the second spotlight. Brides-to-be shouldn’t focus all their energy on elegant gowns. Give enough time deciding on the event’s centerpiece. Here are some nifty tips to keep away from disasters. Wedding Planning 1) Last minute planning doesn’t make sense. A reputable baker has a long waiting list so book him in advance to display his masterpiece at your wedding. A pastry maker has to order ingredients and decorations before creating your order. Baker 2) Choose a reputable baker. The inexpensive ones are mostly new to the craft, you’d be the lab rat. Handpick the baker who has the style that’s right down your alley. And pastry companies should deliver the cake at the reception themselves to avoid tragedies. The cake could be on the floor before your cake cutting ceremony. Don’t let this catastrophe happen to you. This might get…

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Holy City Catering 2015 Pick, The Knot Best of Weddings

by Date January 27,2015

We are super excited when we heard that Holy City Catering have received the accolade from – The Best Wedding Caterers of 2015. Its nice to see that our hard work is getting some recognition for Charleston Best Wedding Caterer. Reviews from our clients are an excellent way for others to get an honest feel of who we are and what we are all about through the eyes of past clients. Thank you for considering Holy City Catering for your event. Just to give you an idea, we want to introduce you to three popular menus options called the Southern Menu #1, #2 and #3. Please keep in mind that you can also create your own custom menu from items in our catering packet.   Southern Style Menu #1 Buffet Southern Salad served with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bacon and a Pimento Cheese Ranch Dressing BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Southern Slaw…

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Catering an Awesome Asian Menu at The Charleston Cup

by Date December 4,2014

It was a great opportunity to cater in Charleston Cup. Plus we enjoyed a live horse racing at its finest. See this short video clip from the event.

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Vegetarian Recipes: Your Meatless Dinner is Served!

by Date February 25,2014

Years ago, an upscale catered affair meant caviar, heavy, cream-soaked dishes, and prawn cocktails whilst the guests smoked the night away. If something wasn’t appealing to your particular taste buds, well, that was just too bad. Of course, times have certainly changed, and the catering industry has changed along with them. Many people are requesting fresher, lighter and healthier fare, and today’s caterer acknowledges that tastes and lifestyles are widely varied, and will be able to create menu and dishes that will tantalize his entire clientele. The primary reason for hiring a caterer is to ensure everyone’s dietary preferences will be, well, catered to, so first things first: let’s nix the idea that vegetarians and vegans live only on salads! Of course, a beautiful, green, leafy salad can be enticing, but vegetarian and vegan dishes range from mild to spicy with a medley of interesting ingredients which can be tempting…

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Healthy Catering Menu Ideas

by Date February 24,2014

If you have an event in which you are aiming to impress, save yourself the hassle and have the event catered. Spend time to focus on perfecting your event and leave the other stuff to the caterer instead of spending all your time grocery shopping, cooking and making preparations. Just remember that you want to have a menu that is filled with delicious, filling and healthy options so that everyone that comes to your event will leave satisfied and smiling. Here are a few Charleston caterer’s suggestions that you can bring to your caterer for your healthy event. Appetizers Vegetable trays are a little out of date and ranch dressing is the least healthy salad dressing you can offer. Instead of dip, try something like hummus with warm pita bread. A tablespoon of hummus only has 25 calories and hummus can be modified for a variety of flavors and palates….

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A Food Lover’s Guide to Finger Foods for Parties

by Date February 20,2014

People tend to think of the guest list, atmosphere or goodie bags as the best parts of any event or party, but the food is an element that should never be overlooked. Underwhelming food options can put a certain tone to an otherwise good time. People do not want to drink as much, don’t want to stay as long and it gives the appearance of cheap service. But if you don’t have a large budget to work with or the event will not be going for terribly long, then some delicious and portion controlled finger foods could be just the ticket. So for your next event, give your guests what they really want: a great time and some yummy treats. 1) Sliders When you’re serving finger food, it is important to remember three things. One, you want to serve something that can be easily picked up. Two, you want to…

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Impress Your Guests: Five Must-Haves For Your Holiday Party

by Date December 20,2013

Whether this is the first time entertaining guests at your home, or if you are a seasoned party planner, there a few must-haves or any party. With the holidays coming up, don’t leave out these items for your party: Decorations While some may say decorations look tacky, it really helps with the mood of the party if you do it right. You should decorate both the inside and outside of your home to help set the tone for the type of party you are having. With the holidays coming up, consider decorating with white, red and green colors that compliment your home. Poinsettias are a great option, giving your home that holiday feel while looking very elegant. A few strands of lights are also a great choice that makes your home look great without spending too much money. You may have a beach-themed bathroom with seashells scattered on the shelves,…

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Unforgettable Wedding Dessert Ideas

by Date December 17,2013

2013 has been a huge year for weddings so far, with some very notable styles and trends emerging. One of the fresher styles in 2013 has been the emergence of feathers. We’ve seen feathers used as centerpieces of tables, we’ve seen dresses absolutely covered in feathers, a feather pinned to the tuxedo of the groom and a lot more. Depending on how bold you`re feeling, you can do with minimal plumage or go all out – either way, you can’t go wrong with feathers in 2013! Another hot trend in 2013 has been long wedding dresses, likely inspired by Kate Middleton’s gorgeous dress that went on for days. The final wedding dress trend worth mentioning is that lace sleeves are IN! But we`re not going to focus any more on wedding dresses or styles; it`s time to talk about dessert! Wedding Cake Trends The coolest thing going on right now…

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How to Choose Wine Like A Real Frenchman

by Date December 12,2013

When it comes to wine, France is the place to go. There’s a clichéd stereotype of the French man as being someone who doesn’t care for much beyond wine, and whilst that’s not true – it is true that a French man takes his wine drinking very seriously. In this country, wine is something that should be enjoyed alongside food. It is almost never ordered in a restaurant or a cafe without food. It is also quite unusual for a French person to drink wine, with their food, in the late evening. Red wine, in particular, is a favorite choice for afternoon meals. Sometimes, it is even drunk with early morning breakfast snacks – this does tend to be on special occasions, like fete days. The question is – are you choosing wine like a real French man? Quality Over Quantity One of the big differences between wine in France…

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Five Unique Food Items To Try That The Entire Family Will Love

by Date December 3,2013

Many of us get into the routine of preparing the same meals over and over again. Cooking new dishes doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. If your family is bored with the usually food in the kitchen, the following five food items will be sure to spice up meal time: 1. Flavored Olive Oil Cooking with olive oil might be a regular occurrence in your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There is a plethora of flavored olive oil to choose from. Lemon olive oil is great for cooking with chicken and fish. It adds a different taste than the normal seasonings you use. Roasted garlic olive is a great option for many pastas and Italian dishes. Whatever flavor you like, different olive oils will bring a new taste to your food with no extra effort. 2. Curry Curry powder is a special blend of…

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