Holy City Catering 2015 Pick, The Knot Best of Weddings

We are super excited when we heard that Holy City Catering have received the accolade from TheKnot.com – The Best Wedding Caterers of 2015. Its nice to see that our hard work is getting some recognition for Charleston Best Wedding Caterer. Reviews from our clients are an excellent way for others to get an honest … Continued

Vegetarian Recipes: Your Meatless Dinner is Served!

Years ago, an upscale catered affair meant caviar, heavy, cream-soaked dishes, and prawn cocktails whilst the guests smoked the night away. If something wasn’t appealing to your particular taste buds, well, that was just too bad. Of course, times have certainly changed, and the catering industry has changed along with them. Many people are requesting … Continued

Healthy Catering Menu Ideas

If you have an event in which you are aiming to impress, save yourself the hassle and have the event catered. Spend time to focus on perfecting your event and leave the other stuff to the caterer instead of spending all your time grocery shopping, cooking and making preparations. Just remember that you want to … Continued

A Food Lover’s Guide to Finger Foods for Parties

People tend to think of the guest list, atmosphere or goodie bags as the best parts of any event or party, but the food is an element that should never be overlooked. Underwhelming food options can put a certain tone to an otherwise good time. People do not want to drink as much, don’t want … Continued

Unforgettable Wedding Dessert Ideas

2013 has been a huge year for weddings so far, with some very notable styles and trends emerging. One of the fresher styles in 2013 has been the emergence of feathers. We’ve seen feathers used as centerpieces of tables, we’ve seen dresses absolutely covered in feathers, a feather pinned to the tuxedo of the groom … Continued

How to Choose Wine Like A Real Frenchman

When it comes to wine, France is the place to go. There’s a clichéd stereotype of the French man as being someone who doesn’t care for much beyond wine, and whilst that’s not true – it is true that a French man takes his wine drinking very seriously. In this country, wine is something that … Continued

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